Karori Karnival 2021

Karori Karnival 21 February 2021

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the fabulous raffle prizes at the 50th Karori Lions Karnival, 21st February 2021, and thanks to all those who participated. The raffle was drawn at the end of the day, and all prizes have now been distributed. The winners are:

Andrew McLeod, Ash Lamont, Beth Anders, Bill Leask, Carey Clements, Frank Prskawetz, Gillian Russ, Helen Williams, Jenny Howard, Laura Bunea, Nicola Willis, Pearl Scully, Rachael Ruegg, Robyn Daniels, Sharon Lokum, Sue Leask and Terry McKee.

For 50 years Karori Lions have been hosting the annual Karori Karnival at Ben Burn Park. The only annual event of its kind held in Karori. The Karnival attracts large numbers of families and locals. People are excited to participate in the summer fun, a celebration of community spirit and togetherness.
At the Karnival you will find many different types of stalls, great food and entertainment. Children of all ages will LOVE the rides and the other fun attractions. Lions Club of Karori.


Karori Lions are working on an Covid-19 Traffic Light system compliant approach for our 2022 Karnival