Covid-19 update

COVID 19 Karori Lions Karnival and Fair 2021

The 2021 Karori Karnival can only take place if Covid Alert Level 1 (or NO Alert Level) is in effect for the Wellington Region. (ie. The Lions Karnival will NOT operate if Covid Alert Levels 2, 3 or 4 are active for the Wellington Region.)
Additionally, the Lions Club of Karori reserves the right to cancel the Karori Lions Karnival and Fair regardless of the Covid Alert Level that may be active, right up to and including Sunday 21st February 2021 if it deems that running the Karnival poses a significant health risk to the community, residents, stall holders, volunteers, and the general public.
Stall Holders who have booked and paid for their sites will be refunded their stall fee less $10.00 to cover a portion of the administration and advertising expenses incurred by the Lions Club of Karori to run the event.

The Lions Club of Karori will:

  1. ensure that COVID Tracer QR Code Posters are available for scanning at each of the 4 entrances to Ben Burn Park and at a few high traffic areas on the park.
  2. provide a register at the Playcentre building for those not able to scan the QR codes and who wish to register their details. This information will be held by the Lions Club of Karori for 3 weeks and will only be made available to the Ministry of Health or Healthline (Healthline number call 0800 611 116) if required to do so.
  3. provide hand sanitiser at the Playcentre for use by visitors to the Fair.

Suggested Precautions for Stall Holders

We need to remain vigilant even at Alert Level 1.
On Karnival day, we hope to attract as many as 5,000+ visitors to the Karnival, and as many as possible, into your stall. You could potentially interact with hundreds, possibly thousands of visitors. Please consider implementing some, or all, of the following measures…you may well have more!
• Hygiene
Please ensure that good hygiene practices are maintained right through the day and
where practicable, that high-touch surfaces are wiped frequently, and hand sanitizer is
readily available.
• Masks & Gloves
You may want to consider wearing a mask – more for your own protection – as you may
interact with a lot of people.
You’ll be handling money (or cards) on the day so it may also be beneficial to consider
wearing gloves as a further layer of protection.
• Social Distancing
The Ministry of Health website suggests that it is worthwhile keeping a safe distance
from others. The size of the sites will make this difficult, however you may want to
ensure there is space between yourself and customers.
• NZ COVID Tracer QR codes
Public transport operators, workplaces and businesses legally must display the NZ
COVID Tracer QR code poster to help customers to keep track of where they’ve been.
We have COVID Tracer QR code posters for the event, however you may wish to display your own QR codes for your stall.